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9U-19U Striker & Goalkeeper Camp (Birth Year 2014-2004) 9am- Noon $120.00

5U-8U Kicks Camp (Birth Year 2018-2015) 9am- 10:45am $70.00

3U-4U Tiny Tots Camp (Birth Year 2020-2019) 9am- 10am $50.00

Tiny Tots 3U-4U Camp

The Tiny Tots Camp is a fun introduction to soccer, where we encourage movement with and without the ball. Our goal is purely to create a fun interactive experience and introduce children to activities with a ball.

Kicks 5U-8U Camp

The Kicks Camp is heavily focused on learning through play and creating and fueling a love for soccer at these early ages. Daily games will focus on the fundamentals of the game, like dribbling, ball familiarity, passing, attacking, defending and shooting. We incorporate 3v3 and 4v4 scrimmages throughout the sessions to allow for players to express themselves and implement the skills learnt in the 'practice' phase of the camp.

9U-19U Striker and Goalkeeper Camp

Our Spring Break (pre season) camp is designed for all soccer players, preparing for the upcoming soccer season or new to soccer. The focus at camp will be strongly concentrated on technical development. The Striker Camp focuses on both the art of finishing and the attention to detail of goal scoring.  The strikers will be given a daily theme and the experienced and knowledgeable coaches will focus on specific techniques to create goal scoring opportunities and to score goals.  The goalkeepers will work through the fundamentals of goalkeeping and shot stopping.  

Each day we bring the two groups together for daily challenges and games. 


Camp T-shirt included.



3U-4U $50

5U-8U $70

9U-15U $120

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