Date: August 6-9

Time: 9am - noon

Ages: 8-18

Cost: $150

Where: TBK Bank Sports Complex

Format: Technical Development


Position Specific Clinic add-on


One hour private sessions for 1-6 players

Technical and tactical focus on players individual needs. A strong focus on technical proficiency and improving players touch, control, passing, defending and finishing and/or goalkeeping if requested.

Sessions can be purchased in 1, 6 and 10 sessions with a sliding discount for more sessions.

1 @ $45

6 @ $240

10 @ $375

Schedules can be filled on a flexible basis to complete your purchased sessions. Once schedules are locked in with appropriate numbers per session there can be some flexibility depending on numbers.

After registration you will be emailed a form to complete for availability

Player's can participate in 1-3 days a week depending on the numbers of sessions purchased. Staff will place like ability/age together for the optimum environment.

Group request can only be accepted if 4 or more players request to be placed together.