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Date: August 6-9

Time: 9am - noon

Ages: 8-18

Cost: $150

Where: TBK Bank Sports Complex

Format: Technical Development

The Elite Development Camp is for the serious soccer player looking to advance their game through technical and tactical training from some of the top coaches in the Midwest.

The camp curriculum will focus on breaking down the four elements of the game within a system of play;

  • Attacking

  • Defending 

  • Transition after losing the ball

  • Transition after winning the ball

Each of these elements will dictate the focus of our technical training for the day and our tactical application of the technique in live situations.

The camp will be action packed with high level training and fun opportunities to execute in the game environments we create.



The focus at camp will be strongly concentrated on technical development and tactical game based activities. 1v1, 2v2, 3v2’s etc will shape the warm up activities and camp will be run like training sessions with expansion in numbers to create game like activities throughout. Camp will also be an opportunity to play some of our favorite games and competitions.

Kicks Camp will follow the Play, Practice, Play model kids enjoy so much at the weekly Kicks program 

9U-19U 10am-1PM


5U-8U 10am-11:30pm



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